Continuing Education: RI Requirements



Continuing Education Requirements for Psychologists in Rhode Island


The following are the rules, regulations, and requirements for continuing education activities in psychology in Rhode Island, as outlined in the Rhode Island Board of Psychology Rules and Regulations, amended September 2012.

Section 8.0 Continuing Education

8.1 Every psychologist licensed to practice in this state under the provisions of the Act and these Regulations, shall upon renewal of license in every other year, with the exception of those initially licensed as in §8.4.2 of these Regulations, demonstrate to the Department compliance with the continuing education requirements described in these Regulations. The cycle for continuing education requirements begins on July 1st and runs through June 30th ofeven-numbered years (i.e., 2012-2014, 2014-2016, etc). Approved continuing education programs shall include:

  • Any continuing education program relevant to psychology and sponsored or approved by the American Psychological Association, the Rhode Island Psychological Association; 
  • Any continuing education program relevant to psychology and sponsored or approved by other recognized professional psychological organizations; including the national and 
  • state professional associations for all licensed mental health professions in this state; 
  • Any continuing education program relevant to psychology and sponsored or approved by the Rhode Island State Nurses Association or other state nurses association; 
  • Any continuing education program relevant to psychology and sponsored or approved by the Rhode Island Medical Society, other state medical society, or medical school (and its affiliated training institutions) that has an American Psychology Association (APA) approved post-doctoral program in psychology; 
  • Appropriate post-doctoral coursework from any regionally accredited college; any department or school of psychology approved by a board of psychology, or 
  • Such other professional or accrediting agency as may be approved by the Board. 

8.2 The application for license renewal shall include a signed statement attesting to the satisfactory completion of at least twenty-four (24) credits of continuing education relevant to psychology, approved by the Board, and completed over the two (2) year period preceding relicensure.


Continuing Education Programs and Credits

8.3 Internet courses, correspondence courses, tapes, or other continuing education programs that do not provide for direct interaction between faculty and the psychologist or formal continuing education programs that include courses, workshops and/or institutes are acceptable for continuing education credits.

8.4 It shall be the sole responsibility of the individual psychologist to obtain documentation from the approved sponsoring or cosponsoring organization, agency, or institution of his or her participation in a continuing education program and/or activity which shall include no less than the date, the time, the subject matter, name of lecturer or teacher, or such other data and

8.4.1 Those documents must be safeguarded by the psychologist for random audit by the Department as may be requested. Those documents must be retained by each psychologist for no less than four (4) years, (i.e., from the date of licensure renewal).

8.4.2 Psychologists initially licensed by examination after the July 1st renewal date shall be exempt from the continuing education requirements stated in these Regulations until the date of the next renewal cycle (i.e., June 30th of the next even-numbered year).

8.4.3 An extension of time to complete the continuing education requirements may be granted to a psychologist solely at the discretion of the Board for reasons of hardship or other extenuating circumstances.

8.5 A license may be denied to any applicant who fails to provide satisfactory evidence of completion of continuing education relevant to psychology as required by these Regulations.

8.6 Failure to comply with any provisions of §8.0 of these Regulations shall be subject to the sanctions of §10.0 of these Regulations. Furthermore, all hearings and reviews which may be required shall be subject to the provisions of §11.0 of these Regulations.



If you would like any additional information or have questions, please feel free to contact the RIPA Continuing Professional Education Committee, or the RIPA office via email, or at (401) 732-2400.



If you have any questions regarding licensure please contact the Rhode Island Board of Psychology directly at:


3 Capitol Hill
104 Cannon Building
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(401) 222-2828

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or click here for the complete Rules and Regulations for Licensing Psychologists, amended September 2012.

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