Useful Psychology Information: Psychological Difficulties

Psychological Difficulties are Very Common

Right now an estimated 15-18% of Americans, including 14 million children, suffer from a diagnosable and treatable psychological problem.

In any one-month period, nearly 8 million Americans suffer from depression. As many as 20% of Americans will suffer at least one major episode of depression during their lifetimes.

Anxiety and depression are among the six most common seen in the practice of medical doctors.

Information about common psychological difficulties:

Depression Anxiety/Panic
Alcohol and Drugs Stress
Trauma Eating Disorders

People can overcome their psychological difficulties.

RIPA is dedicated to helping people find help. If you think that you or someone you know is suffering from one or more of these difficulties, RIPA recommends that you seek consultation from a Psychologist or other mental health professional.

The RIPA Referral Service will help you find a Psychologist to meet your needs.

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