The Rhode Island Psychological Association Ethics Committee

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Leslie A. Feil, Ph.D., Chair


Jennifer Anthony, Ph.D.

Colleen Gregory, Ph.D.

Steven Hershey, Ph.D.

Heather Hunter, Ph.D.

Wendy Plante, Ph.D.

Lisa Rocchio, Ph.D.

Megan Spencer, Ph.D.

Beth Jerskey, Ph.D.



The RIPA Ethics Committee serves an educational function for the membership in matters of ethical conduct of psychologists, along with serving an educational function for the general public with regards to ethical conduct of psychologists. 

To access a consultation from the Ethics Committee, an individual calls Jack Hutson, RIPA Executive Director (401-732-2400), who will make a referral to the on-call Ethics committee member.  Consultations can also be accessed through the RIPA Ethics Chair Leslie Feil (401-247-1171), who will facilitate referral to the on-call member.  After discussing the ethics situation with the caller, the on-call Ethics member will consult with the Ethics Committee members and then offer a response to the caller.  Caller identity is kept confidential, and specific identifying information is not sought.

Our response is provided to the caller with the following disclaimer:  "This information is being provided by the Rhode Island psychological Association's Ethics Committee.  The response is provided based solely on the information given by the caller and is not intended to be legal advice, or intended to be used in legal or disciplianry proceedings.  We are not attorneys and our response is intended to be educational in nature and based upon our understanding of the American Psychological Association's Ethics Code."

Recent Activity


New England Psychologist article regarding telepsychology featuring ethics committee chair Leslie Feil, Ph.D.


The RIPA Ethics Committee is researching changing ethical guidelines, related to technology and practice of "telepsychology," in order to provide resources for our members in this evolving field.  Recent RIPA CE workshops by Steven Behnke (APA Ethics Director) and Eric Harris (of APAIT) have provided a basis for our information.



American Psychological Association's Ethics Office (

American Psychological Association's Ethics Code (

Pennsylvania Psychological Association's Ethics Blog (

Segments from RIPA's Newsletter Insight:


Summer, 2013  Summary of Eric Harris, Ed.D., J.D.'s CEU Presentation By Jennifer Anthony, Ph.D.

Summer, 2012  Resources for Psychologists by Heather Hunter, Ph.D.

Fall, 2012         Mental Health and State Law by Colleen Gregory, Ph.D.
Winter, 2012    Professional Wills by Leslie Feil, Ph.D.
Fall, 2011         Trauma Psychology: Vicarious Traumatization and Self-Care by Lisa Rochio, Ph.D.
Summer, 2010  Confidentiality for Minors in Psychotherapy by Wendy Plante, Ph.D.
Spring, 2009     Responding to a Subpoena by Lisa Rochio, Ph.D.
Summer, 2008  Explanation of the RIPA Ethics Committee by Leslie Feil, Ph.D.
Winter, 2008    Treatment of Children in Divorcing Families by Leslie Feil, Ph.D.

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Rights and laws relevant to adolescents in RI

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Contact Leslie A. Feil, Ph.D. at [email protected]  401-247-1171


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