About Us: Overview

The Rhode Island Psychological Association was founded in 1955 as the professional association representing the interests of all psychologists in Rhode Island. Board members and other participants volunteer their time and services, and the operations of the association are funded by membership dues, small grants from the American Psychological Association, and income from continuing education programs.

RIPA members are active in a variety of areas, including:

• The advancement of Psychology as a science and a profession

• Legislative, regulatory, and legal advocacy for psychologists

• Training and research

• Consultations about ethical issues in the practice of Psychology

• Continuing education for mental health and health care professionals

• Member networking, discussion forums, and other services

• Public advocacy and education for mental health

• A free mental health referral service for the public

Through this initiative and in other ways, RIPA members are intervening directly with the insurance industry and with businesses on behalf of the public good and the interests of our professional community. We are among the leaders of the mental health professional and advocacy community in Rhode Island.

RIPA is also working to bring together the clinical, academic, and research specialties of psychologists in Rhode Island. The discovery, application, and teaching of sound psychological principles should not occur in isolation, and RIPA members promote dialogue and collaboration among the various communities of psychologists.

Our fundamental mission is the promotion of psychological principles and practices to support the well-being of individuals, families, groups, and the local Rhode Island community as a whole.

You are warmly invited to join RIPA to support and participate in our efforts.

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